Easy Dental Health Daily Water Additive
Easy Dental Health Daily Water Additive
Easy Dental Health Daily Water Additive

Easy Dental Health Daily Water Additive

Easy Dental Health Daily Water Additive

Maddie’s easy to use water additive to support oral health and fresh breath. Simply add the advanced taste & odor free formula to your pet’s daily drinking water.
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  • Every Order Helps Homeless Pets
  • Always Crafted in the USA for Safety + Quality

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  • Advanced Pro Line Formula: Made with a unique blend of vet-quality ingredients, including Green Tea Extract, to fight the causes of bad breath and gum issues.
  • Ultra Easy to Use: Simply add to your pet's daily drinking water to support optimal dental health.
  • Picky Pet Approved: Taste and odor-free formula that's perfect for even the pickiest pets.
  • Fresh Breath & Kisses: Helps to control the causes of bad breath so you never have to turn down your pet's kisses again due to smelly breath.
  • Plaque Reduction: Enjoy a whiter and plaque free smile the easy way. Innovative formula may reduce plaque on your pet's teeth when used daily.
  • Less Brushing, More Fun: Say goodbye to the stress of brushing your pet's teeth and hello to easy dental care!
  • Whole Pack Safe: Safe for both dogs and cats, making it a convenient option for multi-pet households.
  • Made in the USA: We take pride in making our products in the USA, ensuring safety and quality with every purchase.
  • Support Homeless Pets: Every purchase helps support homeless pets in need, making it a purchase you can feel good about!

Looking for an easy and effective way to keep your pet's teeth and gums healthy? Look no further than Maddie's Easy Dental Health Water Additive! Our advanced formula is made with a unique blend of vet-quality ingredients, including Green Tea Extract, that can help fight the causes of bad breath and gum issues for a clean and healthy mouth.

Our professional strength formula is easy to use - simply add to your pet’s drinking water and use daily for optimal dental health. Maddie’s innovative formula is taste and odor free, satisfying even the pickiest pets, and helping to control your pet's breath.

Our formula not only helps fight bad breath and gum issues but also reduces plaque on your pet's teeth when used daily. Say goodbye to the stress of brushing your pet's teeth and hello to easy dental care!

With Maddie’s Easy Dental Health Water Additive, you can provide your pet with the dental care they deserve in a convenient, easy, and fun way. Give your pet a healthy, clean mouth that they'll be proud to show off. Order now and start enjoying fresher pet kisses today!

Ingrediants: Water, Sodium Bicarbonate, Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Propylene Glycol, Methylparaben.


Simply add one capful to your pet's water bowl (approximately 16 oz). No brushing required. Up to 12 hours of fresh breath. For larger bowls it is important to measure and follow dosage correctly to ensure best results. Consistency is key so please ensure you use each day. 

Results You Can Expect

This product is designed to work over time so it is important to remember results will not come overnight or after one bowl. Fresher breath is generally seen after a few days to a week with gradual whitening and plaque reduction seen with extended daily use. 

Maddie’s Advice

Try pairing with Maddie’s Easy Dental Wipes for maximum benefits. Many Pack Members work these into their routine a few times a week. 


Monitor your pets water intake, especially when initially introducing this product. While our advanced formula is designed to be odor and taste free, some extra picky pets may still refuse to drink water with a dental additive in it.

Our products are designed to improve the lives of your pets when used as directed. Our products are never a substitute for quality veterinary care, including preventative care and checkups. Our dental health products are designed to support normal dental health, consult your veterinarian before use, especially if your pet has active dental or underlying medical conditions. 

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Daniel P.

It was great! They provided great packaging for the delivery.


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