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Meds are easy now!

What a relief that my dog happily takes his pills now! He thinks it is a delicious treat, not a medication. Also, other pastes are made with chicken flavor, and my dog is severely allergic to chicken. I really appreciate this allergy-friendly formulation!

Still the best pill paste on the market, and the auto-ship option is wonderful!

We have been using the Treat Paste Wrap for almost two years now, and it is indispensable since my disabled veteran's service dog needs to get anywhere between 8 and 10 pills per day for his own conditions. Cheese just doesn't cut it (hah!) for making the perfect pill covering that just gets gobbled up with no mess.

We have four containers on auto-ship every 11 weeks, because each of these lasts just about 3 weeks, with a little extra for wiggle(!) room. It's effortless to get these like that, which is greatly appreciated!

I love these hypoallergenic pill wraps! My dog does too! He has allergies and have him on diet with no poultry or beef, so these are perfect for him. It is very hard to find any pill wraps without those ingredients. So, very happy I found Maddies❤️

Great product. Future purchaser for shure!

Beautiful color ! I love it ! The rhinestones bling real good ! Would highly recommend it if you want your dog to be the star of the dog park !

When i recieve the rest of my order i will say its all good. I ordered 12 total recieved 4 so i am waiting and hoping that the other 8 show up soon. The product is great.

Your pill wraps work great. My dog lexsea is on nuroplex 8 capsules a day. So every 12 hours she gets 2 wraps with 2 capsules in each wrap. She gobles them down no problem. She is alergic to beef, byson, wheat and chicken. Sofar so good no problem. Thanks for a product that works!

This is the best conditioner I have ever used. It smells great, it leaves my dogs coat, looking, shiny and soft for a very long time. Plus, it is an excellent de shedding conditioner, 10 stars!🌟

Great quality! My old man frenchie loved it and played like a puppy.

Bert loves this and even drools when I get this out to give him his pills!

Bert loves this pill wrap - he starts drooling as soon as I open the container. Giving pills is no problem!

Much denser than the others. Unfortunately my cat turns her nose up at it. Probably good for dogs, traditionally much less picky!

Amazing! My grumpy 12 yr old cat with IBD takes regular steroids and I was so anxious to go out of town because my friend was going to have to pill her. Tested out the wrap and it worked amazingly well so now I can enjoy vacation without any anxiety (for her or my friend's fingers).

Perfect for any pill size. Won’t crumble in your hand trying to wrap a pill like the other brands

This has helped Akiras stomach so much! She has a sensitive tummy, but after mashing this up in her food she’s good to go! She doesn’t have diarrhea or an upset tummy anymore.

So excited to have found this. My cat has hated everything else I've tried, she begs for her meds every night since getting this!

My boy with a sensitive tummy loves this pill paste. It’s how I get his daily meds and probiotics into him.

I have a dog with IBD and he is on a specialized protein diet. This is the only pill wrap that doesn't contain any of the banned proteins AND my very picky boy loves it! I purchase it by the case!

Our very picky dog loves this stuff. Love that it’s a small American business with clean ingredients, absolutely recommend.

I was using a pill pocket that had chicken in the ingredient list. My dog is allergic to feather animals, so I needed to switch to a better product. My dog has never drooled for anything - food, other treats, etc. He drools for these! It has been so easy to give him his morning meds - he begs for them! Will be buying this again and again and again...

The Ultra Paste Wrap is magic for my Frenchie! He never knows that his medication is inside. Due to his allergies, I can't use most other brands. Thanks for making one without chicken. :)

This is definitely the best combination of high capacity and durability for dog treat toys that I have found. I have a hard time getting him to put it down if there is even a smidgen of something delicious still in there. He will go at it for hours, and happily he has not even begun to destroy it yet, because the opening at the bottom is large enough that he can get his tongue inside to at least taste the yummy treats, so he doesn't try to rip it open immediately!

These are a miracle if you have to give your dog a lot of medication and supplements! We used to use the grain-free pill pockets and cut them up for smaller pill sizes, but the Paste Wrap is even better for taking just the right amount of delicious disguise for each different kind of pill! Please never stop making this! And make more flavors!