Pumpkin Powder - Pure Single Ingredient Digestion Supplement Food Topper for Dogs + Cats
Pumpkin Powder - Pure Single Ingredient Digestion Supplement Food Topper for Dogs + Cats
Pumpkin Powder - Pure Single Ingredient Digestion Supplement Food Topper for Dogs + Cats

Pumpkin Powder - Pure Single Ingredient Digestion Supplement Food Topper for Dogs + Cats

Pumpkin Powder - Pure Single Ingredient Digestion Supplement Food Topper for Dogs + Cats

A tasty and nutritious single ingredient powdered food topper. Perfect for supporting digestive health in dogs & cats.
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  • Every Order Helps Homeless Pets
  • Always Crafted in the USA for Safety + Quality

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  • Advanced Gut Health Formula: Designed to support the digestive & gut health of pets when used daily.
  • Naturally Powered: Expertly formulated with pumpkin as the only ingredient.
  • The Best of Nature + Science: Made with quality ingredients and crafted in powder form for ease of use and easier digestion & absorption.
  • Crafted for Sensitive Pets: Crafted safely in the USA with food allergy prone pets in mind. Free of grain, corn, soy, and other common allergens.
  • 100% Real Pumpkin: Real pumpkin is the only ingredient in this recipe.
  • Tasty Food Topper: The easy to use powder formula is perfect for topping your pets meals. Simply sprinkle some on their food, mix in, or mix with warm water and add to food.
  • Great for the Whole Pack: Crafted to meet the needs of both dogs & cats.
  • Made in the USA: We take pride in crafting our products in the USA, ensuring safety and quality with every purchase.
  • Support Homeless Pets: Every purchase helps support homeless pets in need, making it a purchase you can feel good about!

Does your dog suffer from gas, upset stomachs, or poor stool quality? Maybe you’re just looking for an easy way to support your dog’s overall health. Maddie's Daily Naturals product line has a solution powered by proven natural ingredients to meet these needs and more! 

Introducing Maddie's Pumpkin Powder Gut Health Food Topper - the ultimate solution for supporting your dog's gut health! Formulated by experts, this tasty supplement contains just one simple and pure ingredient - real pumpkin! Simply sprinkle some of this tasty powder on your pets food to provide your furry friend with the digestive support they need to thrive.

Pumpkin is tasty and packed with fiber, prebiotics, and other nutrients that can help improve your pets gut and overall health when used daily. For pets with tummy issues like diarrhea, pumpkin may help calm the digestive tract and firm stool. 

Active Ingredients [per 1 scoop (8 grams) serving]:


Package Contents: 1 Jar Pack contains one (1) jar with a net weight of 8.1 oz. 3 Jar Pack contains three (3) jars with a total net weight of 24.3 oz.

Product is filled by weight and unused space may vary depending on the formula contained.

**Ingredient claims, such as "free from grain", refers to the named ingredient composition of each formula. Some ingredients may contain derivatives or processed forms of multiple base ingredients (prior to being added to the final product) that have been fundamentally altered from their original state. Additionally small amounts of cross contamination between products during production can result in traces of an ingredient being present in another formula.


For use in dogs & cats 8 weeks and older only.

Read product label thoroughly before administering. 

Feed according to your pets weight. Daily amounts can be divided into 2 feedings. 

0-20 lbs - 1-2 Scoops

21-50 lbs - 2 Scoops

51-100 lbs - 3 Scoops

100+ lbs - 4 Scoops

Results You Can Expect

This product is designed to work over time so it is important to remember results will not come overnight or after one use. Most pets will start to see results within 2 weeks of usage, when used daily according to label directions. 

Maddie’s Advice

Stacks well with most of our supplements. We recommend that all pets be on a quality probiotic supplement for overall health, even if digestion problems are not visible. 


Our products are designed to improve the lives of your pets when used as directed. Our products are never a substitute for quality veterinary care, including preventative care and checkups. 

**All product statements made have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat. cure, or prevent and disease.

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