Ultra Bitter Stop Chew + Lick for Hot Spots & Surfaces
Ultra Bitter Stop Chew + Lick for Hot Spots & Surfaces
Ultra Bitter Stop Chew + Lick for Hot Spots & Surfaces

Ultra Bitter Stop Chew + Lick for Hot Spots & Surfaces

Ultra Bitter Stop Chew + Lick for Hot Spots & Surfaces

Maddie's innovative ultra bitter spray for training and discouraging chewing and licking of skin irritations like hot spots.

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  • Every Order Helps Homeless Pets
  • Always Crafted in the USA for Safety + Quality
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Better Together.

  • Targeted Solutions Formula: Designed to help deter pets from chewing or licking skin irritations or objects.
  • Expertly Formulated: featuring quality ingredients selected for safety and effectiveness.
  • Break the Hot Spot Cycle: Helps deter pets from chewing and licking skin irritations, giving them a chance to heal.
  • Ultra Bitter Training Spray: Deters pets from chewing inappropriate objects such as shoes, furniture, and wires when used as directed.
  • Whole Pack Safe: Safe for both dogs and cats, making it a convenient option for multi-pet households.
  • Made in the USA: We take pride in crafting our products in the USA, ensuring safety and quality with every purchase.
  • Support Homeless Pets: Every purchase helps support homeless pets in need, making it a purchase you can feel good about!

Do you have a pet that suffer from hot spots or other frequent skin irritation? Maybe you have a mischievous pet that loves to chew or play with things they aren't allowed to.  Maddie’s Itchy Pet Approved product line has an innovative solution to solve both of these common pet issues. 

Introducing Maddie's Ultra Bitter Stop Chew + Lick Spray. Proudly part of our Itchy Pet Approved line of products. At Maddie’s American we understand that not all pet products are created equal. That's why our Itchy Pet Approved product line always focuses on using only quality ingredients, in all of our innovative solutions. 

This dual use solution is designed to help deter pets from chewing or licking hot spots and other skin irritations, allowing them to heal naturally. Additionally the ultra bitter training spray effectively deters most dogs and cats from chewing inappropriate objects such as shoes, furniture, wires, and more. Our innovative formula is alcohol free and safe for use on pets and most household surfaces. 

Maddie’s Itchy Pet Approved products are always crafted with sensitive or allergy prone pets in mind, our products are formulated with effective vet quality ingredients. Our formulas are professionally designed for quality, effectiveness and safety with researched ingredients. We never include ingredients simply because they sound nice or are the newest "fad". 

So if you're looking for an effective way to deter pets from chewing or licking , look no further than Maddie's Ultra Bitter Stop Chew + Lick. As always, tail wags are guaranteed!

Ingredients: Deionized Water, Bittering Agent, Citric Acid.

Package Contents

8 fl oz bottle contains one (1) Stop Chew + Lick bottle with a net content of 8 fl oz.


Read product label thoroughly before using. 

Spray evenly on hot spots, summer itch, furniture, etc. Use consistently until undesirable habits are curtailed. Do not spray around eyes or nose.

Maddie’s Advice

For hot spots, pair with a skin and coat supplement for the nutrients your pet's skin needs to heal.


Our products are designed to improve the lives of your pets when used as directed. Our products are never a substitute for quality veterinary care, including preventative care and checkups. 

Caution: Be very careful when applying product to avoid contact with hands or excessively dispersing into the air. Droplets in the air or residue transferred from hands will taste very unpleasant.

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