Upgrades to Maddie's American

We are currently upgrading our site with a fresh new look and enhanced functionality! 

All Shopping Functionality is Active. Site content, page layouts, and item availability may be affected. 

We have been hard at work on these enhancements behind the scenes for most of 2023. We are now ready to share this hard work with all of our Pack Members.  While many parts of these upgrades are finalized, some aspects may look a little off as we continue the migration process. 

If you come across something that looks off while shopping please feel free to contact us via the chat function on the bottom right of every page. It's always possible we have forgotten something!

Site Content

Some pages could be missing or include filler content.  As items or pages go through further drafts of refining information, grammar errors, spelling ect may be included mistakenly.  

Page Layouts

Many pages may show incorrect formatting, missing tabs, ect. 

Item Availability

Some items may not be available on the site while we upgrade their page with new information and functionality. Feel free to reach out if an item you are looking for is missing.