Product Tester Pack

Join Maddie's Product Tester Pack!

From time to time we will ask this pack to test our products and give their honest reviews of them. This is part of our ongoing commitment to being the best. Testers will receive a Maddie's American Pet Products Gift Card for testing and reviewing the product. Gift card will be up to 120% of the items price and come with a free shipping code to use as well on our site. Gift Card will be awarded after item is delivered and reviewed, delivery may take up to 14 days to process.



Important terms and conditions: By Joining you agree to the following terms
1) Canceling or returning of an order is not allowed and will result in immediate
removal from Tester Pack along with your gift card being canceled.
2) We are looking for honest reviews of our products. Before we get to
this phase we believe all products are 5 star quality due to our internal testing.
Our hope is our testers will agree with that!
3) Your product is not free. We will award a gift card for being an active member
of this pack as a rebate. It is important to not mention that in the review as you
are the one paying for the product up front. Be advised that rebate gift card could take
up to 14 days to be delivered after purchase.
4) Rebates are given in the form of a Maddie's American Pet Products Gift Card usable on
5) Please allow up to 1 business day for email follow up
6) Maddie's American Pet Products is the sole sponsor of this program
7) Every offer will be unique but it is important you follow all directions. Failure
to follow directions could result in rebate not processing. Email with any questions,
our team is always standing by!
8) Limit on tester offer per household AND user account on any purchase platform
including and all third party sites.
7) Maddie's American Pet Products can modify these terms at any time