Premium Martingale Dog Collar - Moorea (Wide Band Only)
Premium Martingale Dog Collar - Moorea (Wide Band Only)
Premium Martingale Dog Collar - Moorea (Wide Band Only)
Premium Martingale Dog Collar - Moorea (Wide Band Only)
Premium Martingale Dog Collar - Moorea (Wide Band Only)
Premium Martingale Dog Collar - Moorea (Wide Band Only)

Premium Martingale Dog Collar - Moorea (Wide Band Only)

Premium Martingale Dog Collar - Moorea (Wide Band Only)

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Our Premium Line of collars and leashes are made up of our best offerings with upgraded features and fashion choices. Proudly manufactured in the USA by a collection of our best partner brands and manufacturers. All key stress points on the collar features all metal fittings. Due to the unparalleled quality of these collars we can offer a 1 year warranty so you can buy with confidence. 

Complete the look by adding a matching leash when you select the leash and collar combo option!

Montecito martingale dog collars feature an intricate Javanese Batik pattern imprinted onto a rich rainbow of deep raspberry, mustard, olive and indigo. We've further enhanced the collar design by adding a distressed edging detail.

Key Features

  • Soft and Durable Nylon Fabric
  • 2 Inch Wide Band Available 
  • Triple Stitched Stress Points
  • Martingale Style Collar
  • Handmade by skilled craftsmen
  • Made in the USA
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 1 meal donated to a shelter for every purchase!


What's a Martingale?


What's a Martingale Collar

Martingale Collars are probably the best collar options available while also being one of the least known options to average pet parents. We are huge fans of them at Maddie's American and all of our personal pets exclusively wear this style of collar. 



Martingale collars are designed with two parts. A section of a flat collar and a control loop where the leash is attached to a D-ring, which tightens when pulled. This limited-slip collar was originally marketed for sighthounds as their large necks and smaller heads easily enabled them to escape traditional style collars. The tightening action of a martingale collar evenly distributes pressure around the neck and prevents the dog from backing out of the collar.

Martingales have grown in popularity among trainers and owners of other breeds as these collars work much better than a regular collar, on all dogs, are more humane than choke chains, and provide added control for strong pullers.

  • Ideal for all sizes and breeds especially dogs with a larger neck than their head.
  • No slip design reduces the chance of a dog backing out of the collar.
  • Humane tightening action evenly distributes pressure when the collar tightens, increasing control with strong pullers.
  • The looser fit will not catch on the fur of breeds with long coats reducing knotted fur around the collar.
  • Will not tarnish white coats, unlike other styles with a metal chain.

All collars need to be appropriately adjusted to function and fit properly. See our sizing tab to learn how to measure your dog for their perfect fit.


Using a Martingale

The action of a martingale collar should be pull and release, pull and release. It is not meant to provide constant tightening action. It will tighten when pulled on, then the slack in the leash should release the tension and relax the collar. If you find your dog pulls constantly we recommend seeking the assistance of a trained professional to help you with some basic loose leash walking skills and training for your dog.





It is important to correctly size any dog collar, including martingale collars. follow the below directions to correctly size your dog for a martingale collar. Please be sure to take the time and adequately measure your pet before ordering.


Step 1 - Measure Dog's Neck: Using a soft tape (seamstress tape) measure around your dog’s neck where their collar naturally sits. Pull the tape until it is snug but not tight. You should be able to comfortably put two fingers between the measuring tape and your dog's neck. Record your measurement.

If you do not have a soft tape, use a piece of string and measure around your dog’s neck using the above instructions. Take the string and lay it flat on a smooth surface and use a ruler or tape measure to obtain the measurement.

Step 2 - Measure Dog's Head: The collar will need to be large enough to fit the neck, but also large enough to fit over the head and ears. Using the same method from step 1, measure the head starting at the throat and going around the head, including the ears.

Record the measurement and use it while determining the correct size collar to order. You will need to find the corresponding size of collar that will fit both the head measurement as well as the neck measurement.




Collars are generally hand made to order and will ship out within 1-4 days depending on availability. 

Orders shipped with Standard Shipping will ship via USPS First Class Mail (1-4 days) or Priority Mail  (1-3 days). You will receive a tracking link when orders ship allowing you to track your package and see an estimated delivery date.



All collars and leashes in our Premium Line come with a 1 year warranty. This warranty covers manufacturer defects and normal wear and tear (at sole discretion of Maddie's American). 

These items are built to last and should handle normal wear and tear from use well past a year. Keep in mind your collar will show signs of use and we do not cover fading and fabric wear. If your dog's collar or leash fails within a year we will replace it. 

Important: Under non circumstance will chewing be covered by this warranty. Collars and leashes are not meant to be chewed and no collar or leash is chew proof, no matter how well made. It is the sole responsibility of pet parents to monitor their pets and ensure collars and leashes are not being chewed or damaged by pets. 



Part of standing by the products we sell is always being there to answer questions and give advice. 

We have decades of experience in the pet industry and can assist in any questions big or small. We are an online retailer with a corner store culture. Call, Chat, or Email us with any questions or concerns and our family staff will be happy to assist

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