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Easy Pill Hypoallergenic Treat System - Starter Pack

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Get to Know the New Easy Pill

Introducing an upgraded Easy Pill Experience with Maddie's new Easy Pill Treat System. Featuring everything our Pack (customers) love about the Original Easy Pill Treat with tasty new and innovative ways to treat! Our new Natural + Superfoods Treat Shells and Ultra Paste Wrap are the result of the tireless work of our team to bring you the best possible hypoallergenic pill delivery treats.

Pets are sure to go crazy for the now 100% natural vegan and allergy friendly bacon flavor in both formulas while pet parents will feel better giving their pets treats with ingredients derived from natural sources.  Used together, both solutions create a dual layer treat experience that is a game changer for picky pets. 

Maddie, our stubborn and strong willed Chief Executive Pupper here at Maddie's American Pet Products, is the inspiration behind our Easy Pill line of products. She was able to find her pills in any product we had previously tried. We couldn't stand the look of betrayal she would give us when finding a pill in her treats. Our frustrations grew greater when Maddie developed food based allergies and we could not find a solution appropriate for her needs.

Maddie's Easy Pill Treats are "Itchy Dog Approved" We specifically designed our formulas for pets who suffer from food allergies and need a treat that stays away from common allergens, including meats. We are proud to offer one of the only pill treats on the market that is designed for pets with allergies!


What's Our Easy Pill Starter Pack?

Our Easy Pill Starter Pack is the easiest way to enjoy the entire Easy Pill Treat System. Including one each of our Easy Pill Natural + Superfoods Treat Shells and Easy Pill Ultra Pill Treat Wrap. Try both solutions and see what works best for your pet or try our favorite way of Easy Pilling by using both together!

Our Natural + Superfoods Treat Shells are a 100% natural semi soft treat designed to be used alone for small to medium tablets or for best results with our Easy Pill Paste Wrap. Treat Shells are designed to fit most small or medium tablets without the need to squeeze or mold the treat. 

Our Easy Pill Ultra Paste Wrap is a versatile soft and moldable treat product designed for both dogs and cats. Use as much or as little as you want to conceal your pets pills. 

Key Benefits

  • Ultra low allergen formula perfect for pets with allergies
  • Does not contain corn, wheat, gluten, soy, or meats
  • Irresistible Natural and Allergy Friendly Vegan Bacon Flavor
  • Added superfood nutrition boost
  • Designed for dogs
  • Made in the USA
  • Create a dual layer treat by using both Easy Pill products together!
  • Stay fresh recyclable tub
  • 1 meal donated to a shelter for every item sold!
 Better Together

Better Together

We focus heavily on offering quality solutions for pets with allergies. Complement your pets Easy Pill Treats with supplements and our other allergy friendly treat options. Our team is always willing to recommend your pets next favorite product. 


Use + Advice


Treat Shells work best for small to medium tablets. Gently insert your pets tablet into the treat shell. Do not mold or squeeze the treat shell. While a majority of tablets will fit snugly in the shell some may not, for these pills we recommend using in conjunction with our Easy Pill Ultra Past Wrap. 

We do not recommend using treat shells with cats. They do not appreciate the dual layer treat approach like dogs do. We recommend using our Easy Pill Ultra Paste Wrap for cats. 

Dual Layer Treating

Wrap pill in a small amount Easy Pill Ultra Paste Wrap and insert into a Easy Pill Natural + Superfoods Treat Shell. Paste wrap will adhere the pill in the center of the treat shell and better disguise the pill from your dog. We have experienced incredible results when using this method with even our most stubborn test dogs. 

Maddie's Advice

Try giving a high value treat immediately after the Easy Pill Treat. Your pet will be more likely to quickly swallow the first treat and pill  to make room for the 2nd. Maddie admits she falls for this all then time!

Try our new hypoallergenic and meat free treat options!



Shop with confidence! We 100% guarantee our Easy Pill Products for 60 Days. If you aren't completely satisfied we will give you your money back hassle free!



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Part of standing by the products we sell is always being there to answer questions and give advice. 

We have decades of experience in the pet industry and can assist in any questions big or small. We are an online retailer with a corner store culture. Call, Chat, or Email us with any questions or concerns and our family staff will be happy to assist.

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