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Always Free Shipping on Orders Over $39

Premium Anti-Microbial & Anti-Fungal Spray 4oz

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Formulated to quickly treat a wide range of conditions with powerful medication. Featuring Liposome Technology for increased effectiveness.
Maddie searched the country to bring her pack (our customers) the best possible grooming products formulations. Once you try our Premium Line of grooming products we are sure you'll agree we found it!


Our Premium Anti-microbial & Anti-fungal Spray is designed to rapidly relieve conditions caused by dermatitis, skin infection, and allergies. 


Maddie's Liposome Technology ensures ingredients  are absorbed and do their job unlike cheaper competitors that simply wash away. All of our body sprays are made in the USA with USA sourced ingredients, can your current spray say that?


  • Fights Bacteria, germs & Fungus while moisturizing and healing the skin
  • Non drying formula
  • Ultra soothing for irritated skin
  • Can also help reduce overall germs on your pets body
  • Ultra deodorizing to eliminate odors commonly associated with skin infections
  • Medicated
  • Made in the USA with USA sourced ingredients


Safe for the Whole Family

Specially Formulated for both dogs and cats


Better Together

We recommend using with our Anti-Bacterial Shampoo for maximum results. Wash with shampoo weekly and then apply spray as needed up to twice a day until condition is under control.



Active Ingredients

  • .3% Chloroxylenol, USP
  • .3% Ketoconazole, USP 


may provide support in fighting against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, fungi and yeast including Malassezia Pachydermatis and Microsporum and Trichophyton ringworm species.